Multi-Bay Battery Charger for Dell™

Latitude™ Tablets, Laptops and Netbooks


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Datamation Systems is pleased to introduce advanced ETL-listed

battery chargers that can re-charge and maintain up to 16 batteries,

6 or 9 cell for various Dell Latitude and Inspiron laptops, notebooks and tablets.  We provide solutions for many of the new netbooks.

The latest provides off-line charging for the standard or extended battery of the Latitude 10 tablet, Dell's innovative new offering with a removable battery. (coming soon)


Working with engineers with more than a decade of battery technology experience, we can now provide a compact, effective recharging strategy for organizations that want to maintain extra batteries for classes,

training facilities, etc.


Most of our new chargers makes use of the Dell batteries’ smart charge and quick-charge features and contains two bays that can be used

to completely re-calibrate batteries, helping preserve their effective

life and optimum use.


Buying Guide


* Buying Guide - See which battery charger is right for your specific notebook, laptop or tablet.


"Dell", "Latitude", "Vostro" and "Inspiron" are trademarks of Dell Inc.


Dell Latitude 10
Dell Latitude
E4200 Laptops
Dell Latitude
E5420/5520/6420/6520 Laptops

Dell Latitude
E5400/5500 Laptops
Dell Latitude
E6400/6500 Laptop
Dell Latitude
2100/2110 Netbooks

Dell Latitude
D620 & D630 Laptops
Dell Inspiron™
Mini 12 Netbooks
Dell Latitude
XT2 XFR Tablets

Dell Latitude
XT & XT2 XFR Tablets
Dell Latitude
D420/D430 Laptops
Dell Latitude
D500 to D610 Laptops

Dell Latitude D820, D830 & D531 Laptops Dell Latitude E5420-E6540 Laptops Dell Latitude 13 and Latitude 3340 Notebooks

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Dell Vostro™ 1310,
1510 & 2510

Battery Charger Enclosures

Dell Latitude D820 Battery
Charger & Security Enclosure
Dell Latitude D620

Battery Charger and Security Enclosure

Dell 16-Bay Battery Charger with Security Enclosure



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Battery Chargers are UL-listed

  Most chargers have undergone extensive UL

  testing.  Call for complete list & further  


Custom Solutions - Datamation works closely

  with all the major computer manufacturers &

  develops new chargers as new batteries are




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